At Om Space, we want our customers to be satisfied with the products and/or services offered by us.

As such, Om space recommends and advices our customers to read and understand this Return and Refund Policy (“this Policy”) prior to making a purchase and/or subscription from Om Space Academy, Om Space Therapy Centre and/or website.

For the purpose of return and refund or exchange of the product(s) or service(s), the customer shall contact Om Space Customer Careline or support email.

Please take note that this Policy are vary from one another depending on the types of the products and/or services our customer purchased or subscribed. Kindly read this Policy for further details and information.

The Customer acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that at all material time the customer shall purchase and subscribe the services(s) and/or product(s) from Om Space with good faith and shall not deliberately request for a refund.


  1. The Refund Policy shall be applicable to all the online courses, workshops and programmes (“the Courses”) provided always that the Customer has made payment of the subscription fee of the Courses (“Subscription Fee”):-
  2. Customer may request for a full refund of the Subscription Fee within five (5) days from the date of payment of the Subscription Fee (“the Cooling Period””) subject to the deduction of administrative charges, bank charges (if any) and Sales & Services Tax (“SST”) .
  3. The customer shall only entitle to a refund of fifty percent (50%) of the Subscription Fee subject to the deduction of administrative charges, bank charges (if any) and SST from the total payment of the Courses for any request for a refund after the Cooling Period and subject to the sole discretion of Om Space.
  4. For the purpose of processing any refund request, the customer shall provide the particulars such as full name per IC or ID, identification card number, contact number, official receipt issued by Om Space and duly sign the Refund Request Form (if required) as authorization to effect the refund .
  5. Om Space will process and remit the refund into the customer’s bank account or credit card (as the case maybe), where the payment of the subscription of the Courses was made to Om Space within 14 working days upon issuance of approval to refund.
  6. The Customer acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that the customer shall sign up the Courses with good faith and shall not deliberately request for a refund.
  7. For the avoidance of doubt, Om Space shall not refund any payment to the customer resulting from the late arrival and/or non-attendance of the customer to the Courses wherein Om Space had incurred the relevant cost.


  1. All the subscription of the Therapy Sessions shall only valid for Eighteen (18) months period only from the date of payment of the Subscription Fee (“the Validity Period”) and the Customer shall attend and/or utilize all the Therapy Sessions within the Validity Period. Upon the expiration of the Validity Period, all the unutilized session(s) shall no longer be available and/or redeemable.
  2. Despite of the non-refundable policy of the Therapy Sessions, the customer may opt to transfer the remaining Therapy Sessions duly subscribed by the customer to friend and/or family member (“the Beneficiary”) with no additional charges. For the purpose of transferring the Therapy Sessions, the customer shall notify Om Space by providing the details of the Beneficiary and the Beneficiary shall be bound by all terms and condition of the Therapy Sessions including any applicable policies of Om Space.
  3. In the event the Subscription Fee of Therapy Sessions were not fully paid by the customer prior to the transferring of the remaining Therapy Sessions, the customer and/or the Beneficiary, as the case maybe, shall pay and undertake to pay the remaining Subscription Fee to Om Space prior to transferring the remaining Therapy Sessions to the Beneficiary, failing which, Om Space may at its sole discretion reject and decline any request for the transfer of the reaming Therapy Sessions to the Beneficiary.
  4. The customer acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that Om Space shall be fully indemnified and shall not be liable and/or responsible for any arrangements and/or undertaking and/or promise and/or agreements related to the transfer of the Therapy Sessions between the customer and the Beneficiary.
  5. The customer and/or the Beneficiary acknowledge and irrevocably agree that Om Space has the rights to arrange and/or replace the therapist to the customer and/or the Beneficiary in any event of resignation and/or relocation of the therapist assigned.


  1. The products available on Om Space’s online store listed below are entitled for the return and exchange only and save in so far that the customer fulfilled and/or satisfied the requirements provided under paragraph 3 below.
  • Books;
  • Compact Disk (CD);
  • E-books; and
  • E-Music; and
  • All other similar or relevant products offered by Om Space on the website.
  1. Return based on “change of mind” is not accepted by any means.
  2. We will accept returns for the item(s) from customers for purchases sent back and received by us within 7 days of receipt of the same only or returns for the E-book(s) and/or E-Music upon notification on these following conditions:
  • incorrect or defective item(s) delivered;
  • the item(s) must be returned to us is in its original condition;
  • the Customer has forwarded an original copy of proof of purchase (order invoice number and receipt) to Om Space;
  1. Om Space Customer Service will verify the return reason and arrange a free return pick-up for the customer (for Book(s) and CD(s)). Om Space courier company will pick up the item(s) at the time specified by the customer. For E-books and E-Music, customer shall notify Om Space with regards to the issues of the E-book(s) and E-Music and returning the same to Om Space via email. Om Space will thereafter proceed to verify the return reason by conducting an evaluation within seven (7) days from the day Om Space received the customer returned item(s). For avoidance of doubt, the Customer shall receive an email confirmation once the returned item(s) is received by Om Space.
  2. Upon evaluation, if the customer return is valid, Om Space shall process the replacement or exchange of product within seven (7) days subject to the availability of the product. In this regard, in the event of supply difficulties or because products are no longer in stock, Om Space reserves the right to give the customer information about substitute product(s) of an equal or higher quality and value which the customer can order.
  3. If the customer return is not valid, Om Space shall notify the customer and arrange the product(s) to be returned. For any product(s) to be returned via courier services or any delivery manner, a delivery fee will be chargeable. Om Space reserves the right to reject any return and exchange deemed unfit or unreasonable.
  4. The Customer also may opt to visit to Om Space business address to expediate the refund and exchange process. The address as below:-

7-2 & 9-2, Jalan SS23/15, Taman Sea, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


  1. Om Space is delightful to provide a range of spaces for rental, available from Monday to Sunday from 9.00am to 6.00pm for the certified practitioner(s), speaker(s) and/or customer(s) (“the Customer”) to conduct any legal activities.
  2. The Customer shall refer to the terms and conditions of the Space Rental Agreement for further details and better understanding.
  3. The refund and return policy in respect of the Space rental shall be as follows:-
  • In the event that:-
  • the attendees for any course(s), talk(s), seminar(s) organized by the Customer were less than the expected number and the Customer shall only utilized part of the Space rented; and/or
  • the Customer renting the Space for the entire day and should the Customer only utilizes the Space for less than four (4) hours, Om Space has the sole discretion to consider as below:-
    • To give discount from the rental payment and the same shall be refunded to the Customer; or
    • To give discount from the rental payment and the same shall be carried forward or contra from the upcoming rental bill for the Space.
  1. The Customer acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that the Customer shall notify Om Space by giving at least seven (7) days’ notice in advance should the Customer desires to reschedule any date for Space rented and/or booked. Om Space shall not allow any reschedule to be made less than seven (7) days prior to the date of Space rented and/or booked and the payment made by the Customer is STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE in the event the Customer does not comply with any terms and conditions of this Policy.

Should the Customer has any questions about this Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Careline for clarification.

Om Space reserves the rights to change, modify, amend and/or alter any terms and conditions herein any time without giving prior notice to the customer.

The customer further acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that the customer have duly read and understand this Refund and Return Policy and the consequences by accepting the same and agree to be bound by the terms herein after the purchase and/or booking and/or subscription of the products and/or services provided by Om Space.

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