Om Space Sdn. Bhd (Hereinafter referred to as “Om Space”) is an all-round life education and wellness platform, which mainly helps people to grow and achieve success in seven aspects of life; including personal physical and spiritual success, financial and wealth success, love and marriage success, career success, family relationship success, physical and mental health success and interpersonal communication success.

At Om Space, we offer membership to the customers that are interested to join as part of our community without subscribing to the courses that Om Space provided (“the Membership”). As such, OM Space recommends and advises oaur customers to read and understand this Membership Policy (“this Policy”) prior to the registration as a member of Om Space (“the Member”).

A. Registration of Membership and Membership Fee

  1. The Member is required to fill in online registration form as may be prescribed by Om Space from time to time.
  2. The Member undertakes that all of the personal information given for the purpose of the registration of Membership shall be accurate, complete and current. Om Space discourages the Member from adopting false persona, identities, or characteristics. Om Space does not hesitate to take any strict legal action against the Member in the event of it has come to Om Space’s attention with regards to any suspect of impersonation and cheating.
  3. The Member agrees to pay the membership subscription fee as mentioned in the registration form established for the Membership, i.e. Ringgit Malaysia Ninety-Nine (RM99.00) Monthly or Ringgit Malaysia Nine Hundred and Ninety Ringgit (990.00) Yearly only (“Membership Fee”).
  4. All sums paid by the Member to Om Space which includes without limitation to Membership Fee at any time shall not be refundable even if the Member chooses not to use and/or continue to use and/or enjoy the benefits. All Membership Fee are inclusive of taxes and bank charges which may be imposed when the Member make payment to Om Space.
  5. The payment of the Membership Fee shall be paid in full by way of wire transfer or online payment gateway into the Om Space’s bank account as provided by Om Space in the Registration Form or by cash if the Member opt for walk-in registration.
  6. The payment of the Membership Fee shall be made to activate the first membership application and upon renewal by monthly or yearly.
  7. Upon approval of the Membership application by Om Space, the Member shall be automatically deemed as the Member and Om Space will provide to the Member the relevant benefits to the Member. Without prejudice to the rights of Om Space, if in its sole discretion it deems appropriate, to vary, discontinue or change any part of the benefits at any time, including but not limited to the addition, modification and/or removal of contents for whatever reason(s), without having to give prior notice to the Member.
  8. Activation of the relevant benefits will be made as soon as is practicable after receipt by Om Space of the Membership Fee from the Member. If a Member wishes to continue enjoying the benefits after expiry of his/her subscription, the Member must pay to Om Space the prevailing Membership Renewal Fee. The Member shall be notified of the prevailing Membership Renewal Fee and charges (if any) not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the expiration of the Membership.
  9. Om Space reserves the right to change and/or adjust the Membership Fee and any charges in relation to the benefits herein on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by Om Space, upon giving notice to the Member.

B. Benefits as the Member of Om Space

  1. The Member of Om Space shall enjoy the following benefits during the active Membership period (“the Benefits”):-
    1. Group Hypnotherapy Online Session
    2. Online Discussion or Sharing Session lead by the practitioner team
    3. Online Support Group
    4. Member Exclusive Discount (Limited Time Only)
    5. Bonuses (Limited Time Only)
  2. The Member agrees that, the Member shall only be allowed and/or permitted to enjoy the benefits as stated above subject always to the payment of Membership Fee or Renewal Fee of the Membership.

C. Intellectual Property and Limitations on Use

  1. All materials and information provided by Om Space pursuant to the benefits remains and shall be the copyright or intellectual property of either Om Space, its information providers and/or any third parties (as the case may be).
  2. The Member agrees that the benefits may only be used for the Member’s own and non-commercial use, and not for publication, distribution, transmission, retransmission, redistribution, broadcast, reproduction and/or circulation to anyone else and not for posting to forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards, electronic chats and/or other platforms.
  3. The Member shall not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license and/or create derivative works and/or transfer, sell any materials, information, data, software and/or products obtained from the benefits that the Member received from Om Space.

D. Confidentiality

  1. The Member undertakes to:-
    1. maintain the material and information obtained and/or accessed by the Member through the enjoyment of the benefits (“Confidential Information”) in strict confidence and shall not use such material and information in whole or in part for any purpose which may directly and indirectly detriment the business of Om Space;
    2. not to, directly or indirectly disclose, reveal and/or divulge, for its own benefit or the benefit of any third party, or misuse or use, the Confidential Information to the detriment of Om Space or in such a way that the Member may at any time obtain commercial advantage over Om Space or to the commercial disadvantage to Om Space.
    3. not make copies and/or publish and/or reproduce and/or otherwise reduce into writing or into any other tangible or intangible form all or any part thereof of the Confidential Information save for the purpose of enjoying the benefits provided to the Member;
    4. be accountable for the compliance and performance of the undertakings herein on the part of the parties permitted under this clause;
    5. comply with all laws and regulations as may be applicable to the Confidential Information in connection to the use of the benefits including but not limited to Personal Data Protection Act 2010;
    6. immediately notify Om Space upon knowing of any unauthorized use or disclosure of any Confidential Information.

E. Suspension and termination

  1. The Member may terminate the Membership by giving Om Space a notice in writing.
  2. The Member agrees that the Member’s continued use of any of the benefits is deemed to be the Member’s continued acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this Policy (including any amendment, modification and/or changes of any terms and conditions of this Policy), for such part or parts of the benefits, and be bound by the Member.
  3. Om Space may in its sole discretion, suspend or even terminate the Membership account and Member’s access to all or part of the Benefits (without refund of any of the Membership Fee) with immediate effect if:-
    1. The Member has breached any of the terms or conditions of this Policy;
    2. The Member has at any time provided any false or incomplete information to Om Space;
    3. The Member deceased or is declared a bankrupt; and/or
    4. In the sole discretion of Om Space, Om Space decides to withdraw, cease and/or terminate all or part of the benefits provided.

Om Space reserves the rights to change, modify, amend and/or alter any terms and conditions herein any time without giving prior notice to the Member.

The Member further acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that the Member have duly read and understand this Policy and the consequences by accepting the same and agree to be bound by the terms herein after the registration of the Membership.

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