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It required refundable deposit of RM300.00 for weekly basis and monthly basis

Terms and Conditions

“OS” – OM SPACE SDN BHD or its agents or employees “Renter” – the person or organisation taking responsibility for renting a room or rooms in the OM SPACE SDN BHD premises.

OS has a range of rooms for rental, available from 9.00am to 7.00pm – Monday to Sunday, for any timeline after 7.00pm based on advanced booking.

The building is wheelchair friendly where a ramp is placed at the main entrance of the building and there is wheelchair access to the lift and toilet facilities. If you or your clients are disabled, please contact OS Reception to assist you at the main entrance .
In OS, there are 4 therapy rooms and 2 seminar rooms available for rental. There are 2 large seminar rooms, each room approximately 709sqft. The other 4 consultation rooms are approximately 100-120sqft per room. In the premises, there are 4 unisex, disabled toilet facility available.

By engaging to rent OS room/rooms, the renter have agreed to be bound by terms and conditions below and, able to met all the condition below including the Professional Regulation.

a. Counselling & Psychotherapy
All Counselling and/or Psychotherapy practitioners applying to practise in the OS’s premises must provide documented evidence below: (either one)
they hold current and adequate professional indemnity insurance
they are qualified to practice or as part of the OS’s Student Placement Service

b. Non Counselling & Psychotherapy
This includes practitioners in complementary therapies, hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner, chiropractic, nutritionist, child therapy, game therapy, aromatherapy, dance movement therapy etc. When applying to practise in OS’s premises, they must provide documented evidence of: (either one)
current and adequate professional indemnity insurance
completion of a recognised training in their profession to Diploma standard
current membership of an appropriate external professional regulating body

Consultation Room Rental:
The rental fees shall be paid after usage of room/rooms by sessions or daily. Or, the rental payment can be made by weekly or monthly and the renter is required to pay a refundable deposit of RM300 during submission of application. Invoice will be issued to the renter every monday for weekly payment and every 25th of the month for monthly payment.

Seminar Room Rental:
Upon confirmation, invoice will be issued and full payment shall be made to complete the room reservation.
We accept payment in cash, cheque or credit/debit card. If payment is not received, OS reserves the right to cancel the booking and the renter will not be able to make any booking until all outstanding payment is made. Failure to make payment after 30 days of the invoice date issued, OS reserve the right to take legal action against the renter.

a. General: The room renter is responsible for their own conduct, as well as the conduct of their client(s) at all times. This includes the area outside the front door of the building.
The conduct should be of a professional nature, which is conducive to the nature of the service that the OS provides, incorporating a high level of respect for all other users of the building.
This includes, but is not exclusive to, the following specific areas.

b. Noise: In order to preserve the quiet environment for therapy and training, renters and their clients must speak softly in the areas immediately outside the therapy and seminar rooms. The use of mobile phones is only permitted in the common area. Whilst in all other areas of the building, please switch your mobile phone off or silence your mobile phone.

c. Room Care: OS aims to maintain rooms in a pleasant and comfortable condition. If you break or discover broken furniture, fixtures and fittings, please report it as soon as possible to Reception or OS Staff.
Food and drinks (except water) are not permitted at any time in any seminar or therapy room. Lighting naked flames or candles is not allowed in any room.

d. Room Use: A room booking is for a specific room. You cannot switch rooms or extend your time, without receiving prior approval from reception. Using a room without booking will result in the occupiers being asked to leave immediately.
Common areas may never be used for meeting, therapy or training.
Please ensure you allow enough time to leave the room you have booked in good time and in good order. Users must respect the bookings made by others and should time their sessions so that subsequent users have free access at the start of their booked slot. It is not reasonable for bookers to have to ask the previous occupant to vacate the room. Where this is not observed we may have to withdraw booking rights.

e.Personal Possessions: Renter and client are responsible for their personal possessions. OS does not accept any responsibility for lost equipment or personal possessions. Renter and client are advised to keep all personal belongings with them at all times.

f. Non Violence: Physical violence is not acceptable on OS premises. Violent and or abusive behaviour will result in those involved being asked to leave immediately. Violence against a member of staff will always result in prosecution.

g. Alcohol and Drugs: Alcohol or illegal drugs may not be consumed on the OS’s premises; nor may a Renter or client enter the premises under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

h. Messages: OS does not provide a service to take messages for clients or room users. Renter must contact their client directly, if there is a change in circumstances, or have a plan with each client outlining what they should do if the renter is late or does not attend a session.

i. No Smoking Policy: In accordance with the law, the entire building is a no smoking area. This includes spaces like the open walkway, rooftop and every other space in the building.

Reception will be available Monday to Sunday 9.00am – 7.00pm.
Renter and their client are able to gain access to the building during these hours by pressing the doorbell at the main door. Any rental session before or after our operation hour, please give notice at least 3 days in advance to our Reception or OS staff
The recommended practice (especially for meeting a first-time client), is to meet your client(s) at the front door. On entering or leaving you must never let anyone else into the building unless they are your responsibility (i.e. your client(s)). When letting people into the building from your room, ensure that they are your client(s).
If someone forces their way into the building, or you see someone enter who you have reason to suspect does not have business in the building, please notify OS staff immediately.

OS is open for allowing promotional materials to be posted or distributed in certain areas of the building – such as the notice boards in the common area. All publicity materials must be pre-approved by OS. If renter wish to have information posted or distributed please hand it to Reception – do not post it yourself. Materials that are displayed without approval will be removed.

4.1 First Time
To start using rooms at OS you will need to write to the OS and explain how you will be using the room with the relevant details of your background and experience that justifies your proposed use of the room in accordance with the section on Professional Regulation in Terms and Conditions above. You will be notified regarding the OS’s decision to accept you as a Renter.
No one will be permitted to rent rooms at the OS until they have signed and returned the form accepting these terms and conditions and provided the necessary documentation (see 3.1 a/b). It is the responsibility of the Renter to be aware of and to comply with all aspects of the document.

4.2 Booking Rooms
a:Consultation Room Rental: The room renter is responsible to contact OS Reception or operation department for booking a room at OS. Renting hours are 9.00am-7.00pm, any time slot before or after the operation hours shall require booking at least 3 days in advance.

b. Seminar Room Rental: The renter is responsible to contact our Reception or operation department for booking a seminar room at OS. All rooms required for groups or to accommodate large numbers must be booked through Reception. Seminar room can be used for Supervision, Workshops, Training, Conferences, Meetings and Group Counselling sessions. Bookings will be invoiced in advance and invoices are for immediate settlement.

4.3 Restrictions
Booking is for a specific time and specific activity agreed with the OS. Any variations will be regarded as a new booking and must have our prior agreement. OS reserves the right to move a booking to a different room of similar size.

4.4 Standing Orders
This contract will guarantee the rooms and times agreed for 6 months. The 6 month period continuously rolls forward unless either party gives notice. Availability is limited and requests for new standing order room rental, or changes to existing standing order room bookings, are reviewed on a case by case situation.

4.5 Cancellations
1. Cancelling a Regular Consultation Room Booking
With more than (>) 48 hours’ notification prior to booking date for all one to one room rental cancellations, otherwise a 30% of handling fee will be charged of the full rental amount.

2. Cancelling a Standing Order
Either party may terminate the contract with minimum 6 months notice. Renters may request a change to the standing order at any time.

3. Cancelling a Regular Seminar Room Booking
No penalty if written notice is provided more than (>) 2 weeks prior to event date. Cancellation less than or 2 weeks will be accessed and 30% of handling fees will be charged of the full rental amount. No refund if cancellation is less than or (≤)1 week from the event date.

4.6 Amendments
Consultation Room
Whilst every effort will be made to manage amendments to a booking, we cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate changes. Any changes within (≤) 48 hours of the original booking will be counted as a cancellation and rebooking.

2. Seminar Room
Whilst every effort will be made to manage amendments to a booking, we cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate changes. Any changes within (≤) 2 weeks of the original booking will be counted as a cancellation and rebooking.

4.7 Consultation Room Rental Charges
For a list of current room charges please contact or refer to the latest price list at reception or with the respective operation executive.

4.8 Seminar Rooms Rental Charges
For a list of current room charges please contact or refer to the latest price list at reception or with the respective operation executive.

The OS reserves the right to remove for the remainder of the day any person who does not observe these policies, without refund for that day.
Failure to observe these policies may also lead to permanent termination of the Renter’s use of the OS’s facilities.

The OS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with/without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the OS website immediately. Renter is required to check the latest information posted.